Isolated Rhodes track from Michael Jackson - Rock With You

Started by Dan Belcher, April 10, 2016, 11:56:34 AM

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Dan Belcher

While browsing, I found a link to all the tracks from the master tape of Michael Jackson's great song Rock With You. I saved a copy of just the Rhodes part for you all. Enjoy!
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It was nice listening to this track. Thanks for sharing Dan!

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Dan Belcher

And one more. They also had stems for PYT, so I was able to get the isolated Rhodes from that song as well. I left the entire thing, including a brief intro before the song begins where Greg Phillinganes plays a couple notes without the chorus effect engaged.
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David Aubke

Man, I cannot listen to the "stereo vibrato" with headphones on. It literally makes me feel a little motion-sick.
Dave Aubke
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pianotuner steveo

What is PYT? I could only hear about 30 seconds of that one then it locked up.

I'm not an MJ fan, but I really liked hearing Rock with you like that.
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Tim Hodges

Thanks Dan,

That was great absolutely incredible to listen to! 2:49 in is just superb where the added bass comes in.

I'm going to DL the rest later and have a proper listen.

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Dan Belcher

Glad you guys got to enjoy these as much as me!
Quote from: pianotuner steveo on April 11, 2016, 07:27:35 AM
What is PYT? I could only hear about 30 seconds of that one then it locked up.
There are a few spots throughout PYT where the Rhodes drops out for a few measures and the clip is completely silent, such as the spot 30 seconds in. I didn't edit out any of those spots.
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So apparently the E Rhodes was used on a lot of these recordings- this could well be the E Rhodes. Ive said it once and Ill say it again, its uncanny how much like my 1972 suitcase this Rhodes sounds!!

Student Rhodes

Definitely sounds more like a Mk I to me.   It's interesting to hear the Peterson (or whatever vibrato may be in play here) fall slightly out of sync with the track.

Sounds darker that what I've heard to be the E Rhodes.  This sounds pretty standard to me, but who knows...


Student Rhodes

I've listened again, and I recant what I said before.   It's definitely brighter than a standard Mk I with a Peterson.  Kind of sounds like what you'd get off the harp, but with trem.  Maybe it is the Model E.    It's really interesting hearing this track in isolation.   You can hear many times the note not being struck properly, as though there were double strikes occurring.  Very cool post.