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Early Wurlitzer 200 leg

Started by elpresidente, November 03, 2016, 09:46:26 AM

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I am looking for one early 200 leg that slides into the slots mounted on the underside. Mine came with three only. If anyone has an extra or a lead on where to purchase one, please contact me.



Thought I would give this a bump. Still looking. I may need to ask a welder friend to attempt to fabricate something for me.

Tim Hodges

These were made by Decar, infrequently they seem to turn up on either etsy or when people have no idea what they're from.

These for example slot in the Decar mounting plates (but there is no wingnut and it's hole doesn't align) they are a few inches longer so they sustain pedal cable would need replacing:

Set Vintage Chrome Mid Century Modern Table Legs
Bristol Electric Piano



Thank you for this information. It is very helpful!

Christian Clarke

Reviving this old topic. Does anyone have a lead on these legs and plates? I have a customer that's looking for a set. Pics in the link.