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Breakdown feat. Wurlitzer 200A Restored by Vintage Vibe

Started by Chris Cetta, February 09, 2017, 07:48:35 PM

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Chris Cetta

For this classic Tom Petty track, we ran the Wurly through a Groove Tubes Brick tube DI into an API pre.  The Wurlitzer 200A was completely restored by Vintage Vibe (thanks Chris & Adam)!

What do you guys think of the recording technique?  Any feedback?

pianotuner steveo

Well, I only mean this as constructive criticism, not intending to be insulting in any way. (I've been recording since the '70's, in both home and professional studios)

Performance is very good, but the drums sound like a machine and they seem a little behind the tempo that the humans are playing. Wurlitzer sounds great. I personally would have mixed the guitar and lead vocal slightly lower, but that's just my preference. Do you use compression at all?

I compress bass, vocals, and a touch of overall on the final mix. Sometimes I compress a piano or guitar for effect. I never compress drums, but since my drummer passed away, I've only used electronic drum pads- I haven't recorded real drums in years.
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Chris Cetta

I appreciate the feedback Steve and no offense taken.  I know it's not a perfect recording.  I've been reading the forum for several years and wanted to get some input, particularly on the Wurlitzer tone.

I'm not sure the amount of compression that was put on the drums.  Our regular drummer couldn't make the session so the recording engineer was nice enough to sit in with us at the last minute  :D