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VOX Tonelab „Vintage Keys“ Factory Presets wanted (VKPresets.TLP)

Started by Sequentialski, November 22, 2017, 11:28:33 AM

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Can someone provide me the original VKPresets.TLP file for the VOX Tonelab ,,Vintage Keys" edition?

Back in 2005, I bought one of the two versions of the Tonelab: the ,,Vintage Keys" edition, which was configured apparently by the German distributor of VOX/KORG. It  came as a bundle with the VC-4 foot controller board and had a preconfigured bank with effects patches especially for E-Pianos.

Unfortunately, after carrying out a factory reset last week, my Tonelab set itself back to the original guitar effects patches - and all the nice Vintage Keys presets are gone.

Can some other user please provide me your .TLP file?
Either as a download link posted here, or via private message.
I am also happy to provide assistance in how to download these from your Tonelab.


The Real MC


Hello Sequentialski,

I just came across your post. Do you still have the file with the vintage keys presets?
And how did you manage to upload them from a recent mac or pc to the Tonelab Vintage Keys pedal?

Thanks so much in advance,