Author Topic: Rare Rhodes English Club Model 88 - Plymouth UK  (Read 568 times)

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Rare Rhodes English Club Model 88 - Plymouth UK
« on: January 09, 2018, 11:17:21 AM »
Not mine but maybe of interest to others:

Rhodes Home English Club Edition - Requiring Work

Rhodes Home English Club Model

88 Keys
Wooden Cabinet
Built in PA - 100W Amplifier, Twin 12" Speakers
Microphone Input

This particular model was, as the name suggests, designed for use in English Clubs. The built in PA system meant that it could sit in the corner of a club, for anyone to play and sing along to at the flick of a switch. I understand now that this is quite a rarity.

Firstly, a little about how I acquired the item and why I am selling it, followed by some notes on the condition below. I am selling this item on behalf of a friend. He acquired it some years ago as both a nice piece of history, and a working instrument for the recording studio he owned at the time (Presspack Studios, Plymouth). It required work at the point of purchase, and he did begin investing in it, but did not complete the job.

Around four years ago he closed the studio and moved abroad to pursue other musical work, at which point the Rhodes was moved in to storage (in a dry and warm house belonging to a friend) as he was reluctant to sell. Up until that point it was playable and produced that classic tone - I played it myself (around 10 or 15 of the key pickups were a little dodgy, but asides that everything seemed in order).

Around a year ago however, I got a call asking if I could house the piano and sell it, as he had come to realise that it just wasn't practical to keep. I picked it up and brought it back to mine, where it has remained in my dining room ever since (yes it's taken me a year to get around to listing it!).

So like I say, it is an instrument which has been stored responsibly in recent years, that still requires some restoration work. Here's the current state of things...

Cosmetically, the cabinet has sustained a number of dings, chips and scrapes to the paintwork. None too deep - this item hasn't been dropped or abused. Most of these were already in situ before my friend bought it.

Electronically, although there is life in the amplifier, and the speakers, sound is very much intermittent. The majority of the time all I'm getting out of it is white noise. However, when twiddling the tone knobs I can hear changes in the sound which would indicate that elements of the amplifier are working just fine - I can even hear the vibrato effect and change its speed.

As mentioned above, for as long as I have known there have been around 10-15 faulty key pickups which need replacing (which I understand cost around £10 each). I see no reason why this should have changed, as it hasn't been plugged in for years, and it has been stored in warm and dry conditions. I would therefore suggest that the main issue at present lies with either the wiring or the amplifier. It may be the case that all that is required to bring it back to full working order is a thorough clean of all components and the replacement of said pickups. However it could be something more, I honestly haven't got the expertise to say.

With regard to price for the piano, I am hoping to achieve the best part of £1000 if possible. Although the condition isn't perfect, I am aware that it is a collectors item, and quite a rare one at that. Plus I know that these pianos do hold value, and sometimes increase. I feel that at this kind of price point, there is still room to invest in the repairs and be confident in getting all the money back if it came to selling on.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch for further information/photos/videos. I am more than happy to e-mail across anything that will aid the formulation of an offer. I will also welcome viewings of the instrument if need be.

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