Author Topic: Schematic diagrams for Rhodes Dyno and TriStereo Tremelo  (Read 895 times)

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Schematic diagrams for Rhodes Dyno and TriStereo Tremelo
« on: March 08, 2018, 11:38:53 PM »
My name is Mark and I am a keyboard player from Sydney Australia who loves vintage keyboards,in particular Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric pianos.I own a Rhodes Mk1 Stage and Suitcase 73 from the 1970s and a Wurlitzer 200A. I love your site and its members contributions as a support,help and reference base of vintage keys and wonder if you can help.I had my original Rhodes Mk1 Stage 73 modified with a Dyno Piano mod in the late 70s and it is in need of repair.This was the original mod as done by the inventor Chuck Monte from the USA.
If anyone out there has a copy of the original  schematic diagrams for these mods? Would you be able to provide a schematic diagram for the Dyno Mod and the Tri-Stereo tremolo that CHUCK INVENTED?
I would really appreciate your help if at all possible.
  • PS I have every issue of Keyboard Magazine from issue 1 in the 1970s to now with it's sad demise as a print issue magazine and it's incorporation into Electronic Musician and would be only too ready to help and reciprocate embers for their help for any past articles and stories over the the last 40+ years.

Regards from "downunder"

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Re: Schematic diagrams for Rhodes Dyno and TriStereo Tremelo
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2018, 03:27:49 PM »
I don't believe I have a schematic for the Dyno Tri Stereo Tremolo, but if you search "Dyno my piano schematic" on google, you'll find the standard "pro piano" preamp on the left side of the piano.
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