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how to record a suitcase mark 2 without the amp playing?

Started by mr harrison, March 23, 2018, 06:59:42 AM

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mr harrison

i´m having the problem that i cant record the preamp output of my suitcase mark 2 without having it play. this way its all over the drum mics as we are recording in my little studio. snare wires are ringing etc ... not cool.

when i turn down the volume, the signal goes down as well.

any ideas of turning off the speakers when recording?



The Janus preamp in the name rail of your Mark II suitcase has two 1/4" jacks: Accessory 1 and 2.

These are intended as a send and return for effects inserted before the preamp.  If you plug in a cable into Accessory jack #1, that will feed the sound directly off the harp before the volume and tone controls in the preamp.  Turn the volume to zero on the preamp, and that will silence the speakers in the bottom cabinet of the Rhodes.


mr harrison

hey sean, thanks for the info but i actually already tried that. its cool but it doenst have the autopan and i think also the EQ/preamp?

Tim W

On the Speaker cabinet, there are four 1/4" jacks on the side-
Two are labeled PREAMP OUT and the other two are POWER AMP IN.
Plug dummy 1/4" plugs into the two POWER AMP IN jacks and that will kill the signal going to the power amps.
Do not use long cables- they will pickup noise.  You can also just plug a short 1/4" cable in between the two POWER AMP IN jacks.
They are both inputs, so hooking them together is no problem.

You can then take the stereo output from the PREAMP OUT jacks to your recording console.

Or, you can plug a set of headphones in the Headphone jack and leave them on the floor next to the piano.

mr harrison


tht would be so cool! i´ll try later when i got to the studio!