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Wanted: piano bass stand

Started by Peacefrog35, July 16, 2018, 09:16:08 AM

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I am looking for one of the original stands for a piano bass.
Perhaps you have a 60s silvertop bass with a cracked or missing fiberglass top. I have a spare original harp cover i would be willing to trade for the stand....or of course pay cash.
current gear:
1965 Fender Rhodes Gold Sparkle Piano Bass
1965 Fender Rhodes Gold Sparkle Piano Bass
1962 Fender Rhodes white top piano bass
1966 Fender Rhodessilver sparkle piano bass
1968 Gibson G101 organ
1966 Vox 301H wood key conitnental
1968 Vox 301E Continental
1967 RMI 300A Electra-piano and Harpsichord