Author Topic: 2x Rhodes Janus 1 Amplifier / Speakers for Sale $1000 Melbourne Australia  (Read 156 times)

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Hello All,

I am selling a pair of rare Janus 1 Amplifier / Speakers for Fender Rhodes Piano. These match the Mk2 Rhodes Stage Model with Suitcase Preamp (5 pin).
They both work correctly, and are quiet with no signal and very very loud in use (much more than the older Petersen Suitcase 4x12). They have a pair of Inputs and Outputs and aux outs. Guitar and bass or guitar actually sounds good through them.
They are 100w each, which is actually 2x 50w - each cab can run in stereo for that pulsing tremolo sound between each speaker.
An improvement over running these instead of a suitcase amplifier is that spacing them apart (left / right of piano) creates an incredible stereo sound when the tremolo in a suitcase model preamp is engaged.
These speakers can augment an existing suitcase rhodes setup for more volume and stereo spread.

Would prefer to sell as a pair, but might consider separating.

$600 each, or $1000 the pair (AUD)

Collection in Melbourne, can courier if needed but would prefer a local sale.

Will post pics soon.

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