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Rhodes Peterson preamp powering


Hi Rhodes lovers
would you know how many milliamperes needs the peterson preamp?
I know it needs 25vdc but don't how much ma
Thank you!

I wish I had a Peterson preamp to test with.

Using the circuit at as our reference, I think the circuit will draw much less than 300mA from a 25V supply.  Most of that current is to light the bulbs.  I think the rest of the circuit will draw about 30mA.

A 24V supply will work just fine with this preamp.

Lots of power supplies to choose from.  These two are only ten bucks (plus shipping):  The Mean Well MFM-10-24 or Recom RAC10-24SK/277.

If you don't want to deal with mounting those on veroboard, you could just get the $7.70 Mean Well RS-15-24 with screw terminal strip connections.  That one can be easily adjusted up to 25V if you feel like it.

If you want a wall-wart, try CUI SWI15-24-N-P5 or Triad WSU240-0500.  Both are cheap.


Thanks Sean

Mean Well RS-15-24 is the one inside the Vintage Vibe power (red color). It's easy to throw inside a hammond enclosure. Find that 4 -pin DIN female connector and wire two 1/4" jacks and you'll have the same box.

BTW. The vactrol version of this peterson preamp (VV preamp) has <30mA current draw.


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